Perú Country Coordination – Amazon based programs

Región: América Latina
Oficina: Perú
Horas: 10 meses con posibilidad de extensión
Application deadline: diciembre 10, 2021

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The forest and the inhabitants of the Amazon are priority targets for conservation, climate change, development, and human rights actions. Local communities, especially indigenous people, and forests are under pressure like never before in the world’s largest remaining rainforest.

The Amazon rainforest and the people living in it are threatened by economic and political forces acting at local, regional, and international levels. Mining, cattle, logging, soybeans, oil industry, and large-scale infrastructure investments are drivers behind deforestation, resource degradation, and represent a threat to the rights and livelihoods of indigenous peoples and local communities. Furthermore, COVID-19 represents an ever-bigger threat. Apart from deforestation and pollution, the lack of access to public services and the limited timely response to the spread of the virus exacerbate the vulnerability of indigenous peoples and local communities in the Amazon to the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures adopted to mitigate it.

In this context, Hivos, in coordination with a set of local and international partners, is leading the implementation of two programs aimed at protecting the Amazon rainforest and defending indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ rights: All Eyes on the Amazon, and the Amazon Indigenous Health Route. We implement a variety of strategies and actions in Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil through coalitions that demand innovation and social collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

The All Eyes on the Amazon (AEA) program aims to stop the destruction of the Amazon rainforest by defending indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ rights. Indigenous peoples and communities supported by AEA in Ecuador, Brazil, and Peru collect evidence, using both modern technology and traditional knowledge, that can be used for legal action, advocacy, or communicational campaigns. Since 2018, Hivos and Greenpeace are the leading organizations of this Program, bringing together a unique coalition of 25 international and local organizations from the fields of technology, human rights, conservation, transparency, advocacy, and law enforcement. In Peru, AEA works with two local partners: ECA Amarakaeri and “Plataforma de los Pueblos Indígenas Amazónicos Unidos en Defensa de sus Territorios”- PUINAMUDT/Peru Equidad.

The Amazon Indigenous Health Route (AIR) project is an innovative model of care based on intercultural knowledge dialogues and facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes, that work together: health public servants, indigenous organizations, academia, and civil society organizations; in joint activities designed to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic in the Amazon. Ultimately, we aim to promote structural changes in healthcare systems and networks and improve Indigenous peoples’ access to health in the Amazonian Region of Ecuador, Peru (Madre de Dios) and Brazil (Maranhão Region) ensuring that health systems implement relevant and culturally adapted strategies that are effective and sustainable. In Peru, AIR currently works with the local partner “Federación Nativa del Río Madre de Dios y Afluentes” – FENAMAD, however, expansion to other regions is expected.

Functional context

The Consultant will work under the supervision of the Program Manager and the Regional Technical Coordinators, all based in Quito – Ecuador, and in articulation with the programs’ teams in Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru.


The Consultant is responsible for the entire cycle of project management of both, activities implemented directly by Hivos and by the Program´s partners and consultants in Peru, with the aim of ensuring its effective and prompt implementation. She/he coordinates the implementation of activities within the different components of the AEA/AIR in Peru, with the Program Manager, the Technical Regional Coordinators, the Linking and Learning Coordinator and the corresponding technical and administrative teams in Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, and the Hivos Regional Office in Costa Rica.

She/he stimulate the continuous linking and learning process among partners and allies in Peru, and with other actors in Ecuador and Brazil; fosters the generation of communication products disseminating the main key results of the Program implementation in Peru and actively participates in monitoring and evaluation activities. Additionally, she/he is responsible for the strategic engagement with relevant local and national stakeholders in Peru and for contributing to fund-raising activities to further replicate and scale up the programs’ ambitions.

Currently, both Programs are going through their last year of implementation with the existing donors, thus the Consultant concentrates her/his efforts in ensuring the adequate implementation of the country’s Annual Operational Plan, including the complete budget and associated activities implementation following Hivos standards. She/he accompanies local and specialized partners in the fulfillment of their work plans and in the identification of key results for the Program´s legacy and potential replication and scale-up of them.

The Consultant is expected to actively support the development of new proposals to give continuity to the work carried out by TOA in recent years.

Download the Terms of Reference for this consultancy here.

Result areas

Operational and Administrative Management (65%)

  • Executes under criteria of excellence and in compliance with the Hivos policies in the project design, management, implementation, and monitoring.
  • Organizes and facilitates the preparation process of the last programs’ annual work plans in close collaboration with all implementing partners and consultants, based on the Country Operational Annual Plan, the Programs’ Theory of Change, milestones, and indicators.
  • Prepares Terms of Reference for new activities to be developed in Peru for the adequate implementation of the country Annual Operation Plan.
  • Closely monitors the Program implementation in Peru according to the established Program’s indicators, milestones and budget, and work plans and products of implementing partners.
  • Accompanies and provides technical support to local partners in Peru for the effective implementation of their work plans and fulfillment of their contract terms with Hivos.
  • Follows up the submission, reviews, and approves the technical reports of implementing partners and consultants working in Peru.
  • Performs cross-review exercises between technical and financial reports for improving the technical reports submitted by implementing partners.
  • Manages and frequently updates the Hivos internal Project Management Systems (All Solutions) for the creation of projects, approval of technical and financial reports of implementing partners and consultants, verifying the existence of adequate implementing funds, payment requests, and others in close collaboration with the Program Assistance, Financial Officer and Program Manager.
  • Contributes to the elaboration of technical reports for the donor according to the Programs process and to Hivos’ Regional and Global Offices policies, in close articulation with the M&E Officer.
  • Coordinates with the Financial Administrative team of ​​Hivos in Quito (Ecuador) and Costa Rica the actions needed for the execution of their work.

Strategic Management (10%)

  • Acts with diplomacy for the strategic engagement with relevant local and national stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs, private sector, and international organizations to support the Programs’ goals and future opportunities.
  • Supports the Program Manager with opportunities for strategic partnerships with relevant actors AEA/AIR’s implementation in the country.
  • Ensures, when it is the case, maximum visibility of the programs in Peru, including within Hivos, with partners, and within national and international key sectors.
  • Designs prospects and supports the negotiations efforts for new funding proposals to support long-term actions in Peru and specifically in the Amazon region.
  • Coordinates the programs’ implementation liaising with other Hivos supported initiatives in Peru (see:
  • Advises the Program Manager on project implementation in Peru, including any risks and modifications to achieve the Program’s goals.

Technical Management (25%)

  • Oversees, in conjunction with the Program Manager and the Regional Technical Coordinators, the technical implementation and coherence of the whole activities of the AEA/AIR activities implemented in Peru, with attention to timelines, deliveries, and quality assurance.
  • Oversees and/or implements procedures for the programs’ implementation in Peru, such as operational plans, indicators, accountability, monitoring, among others.
  • Collaborate with the Regional Technical Coordinator for the effective integration of activities and products with the regional strategy of the Program, including the work led by the Country Coordinators in Brazil and Ecuador.
  • Collaborate with the Linking and Learning Coordinator for the identification and materialization of learning and exchange opportunities between local partners in Peru and the other countries, and for strategic inputs to the learning and academy platforms of the Program.


  • Master’s Degree in International Relations, Natural Resources Management, Environmental Law, HHRR, Economics, Social Sciences, or another relevant field is preferred.
  • At least five years of work experience in the Peruvian Amazon region.
  • At least six years of experience in project management (designing, planning, implementation, management, and supervision) linked to conservation, climate change, sustainable resource management, environmental and indigenous peoples’ rights, and related issues.
  • Experience working with multi-stakeholder coalitions/initiatives in the region, including international organizations, government agencies, private sector, and CSOs, in particular Amazonian indigenous movement of Peru. Fieldwork experience in indigenous land and local communities is desirable.
  • Established network with relevant organizations engaged in supporting local people, forest protection, and environmental activism in the Amazon.
  • Knowledge of key national public policies, laws, and international agreements related to environmental conservation, climate change, Indigenous peoples’ rights, territorial planning, and environmental regulations in Peru and the Amazon region.
  • Regional experience in indigenous land and local communities in the Amazon will be valued positively (especially in Ecuador and Brazil).
  • Demonstrated ability to think and act strategically, effectively manage complex processes involving multiple institutions and individuals in a team arrangement, work under pressure, function as a good team player in multicultural settings, and respond rapidly to emergent challenges and opportunities.
  • Strong familiarity and experience in risk and conflict management.
  • Excellent oral and written skills are needed, both in Spanish and English. Portuguese speaking is a plus.


 Hivos is an international non-governmental humanist organization. Together with local and global partners, the organization seeks to contribute to a free, fair, and sustainable world in which people have equal access to resources and have the power to control their lives and their future. Hivos believes in the creativity and capacity of individuals. Quality, co-operation, and innovation form the core concepts in Hivos’ philosophy.


Please submit your CV and a motivation letter to: and by the 10th of December at 12h00 Lima time.

Download the Terms of Reference for this consultancy here.